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Whilst browsing this site you (“user”, “users”, “you” or “your”) will receive a cookie to your machine, this is a small amount of data which allows the site to remember your preferences, measure your activity and track and the pages you use. You can set your devices' browsers to accept, reject, or ask you to confirm receipt of these cookies. (also 'I' or 'me') will retain cookies in order to provide you a more personalised service, and in order to ensure more effective delivery of pages. You can block or restrict the use of cookies through your browser settings. For more information on cookies, their use and how to block them, visit

Please see below for a list of cookies this website uses:

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By clicking "Allow All Cookies" or dismissing the cookie warning, a permanent cookie will be set on your machine to remember your preference.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a tool that lets me analyse how visitors use my site. I use this information to improve my website. This tool collects anonymised data. Please see Google’s privacy policy for further information. To opt out of these tracking cookies, please visit Google’s website.

I use HotJar to collect analytics and user feedback about my website and pages. You can opt-out of Hotjar analytics here:

Facebook Cookies
I use Facebook Pixels to track and record events on my website and apps for analytics and attribution, audience creation, and retargeting of adverts. For further information, see Facebook’s cookie policy.

I use PayPal as my payment processor. PayPal uses cookies to provide its services. PayPal may use cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies for storing information to help provide you with a better, faster, and safer experience and for advertising purposes.

Our Own Cookies
I may capture and use cookie data about on-page website behaviour and click through data from digital media to personalise your website experience across my platforms.

Managing Cookies
In your web browser you can control which types of cookies you allow. You can turn cookies on or off using your browser’s settings. You can also delete cookies and clear your browser’s cache (history). See the following links describing how to do this on some popular browsers: How To Disable Flash Cookies (like it's 1999)
The Adobe website provides comprehensive information on how to delete or disable Flash cookies for all websites. Please be aware that restricting the use of Flash Cookies may affect the features available to you for Flash-based applications.