"One of the UK's leading online marketers" Chartered Institute of Marketing


"Tech Genius" The Independent
"Very smart folks" BBC Technology


"With great power comes great responsibility" Stan Lee






Steve Chown
Entrepreneur Innovation Manager,
Natwest Bank
Adam was recommended to me as a guest speaker. He delivered a fantastic session to our Entrepreneurs. He is so knowledgeable and forward-thinking and this shone through in his talk.
Justin Willett
Chartered Institute of Marketing
Even though he stepped in at the last moment, he was excellent and engaging and took over the role as if he had been there from the start. The audience loved it.
Nigel Adams
University of Buckingham
If you need to know anything about the digital world and business or education then Adam is your man. You will not be disappointed.
Nathalie Muller
University of Cambridge
Adam has a thorough understanding of his field, is aware of the latest developments and presents it all in a very accessible manner. He does not pretend to give you the definitive answer, but rather helps you find your own solutions. He is also immensely friendly, a quick thinker and very helpful.
Rina Lakham
University of Bolton
An inspirational presenter, very professional and down to earth. Adam presented to a room full of business start-ups for us and his ability to explain the changing faces of marketing was excellent.
Andy Thomas
Head of Learning & Delivery,
TXM Academy
Adam is visionary in his outlook for apprenticeships within the social media and marketing arena. I have no doubt that the industry will be grateful to him for upskilling young people who will underpin the sector. A pleasure to work with!
Darren Smith
I was recently given the opportunity to hear Adam speak and was absolutely blown away. He was engaging throughout and had the entire audience captivated and hooked on his every word.
Andrew Metcalfe
Adam's knowledge and expertise in marketing is second to none. His ability to make marketing simple and easy to understand through the framework he developed is excellent.
Phil Rodgers
Adam presented to a very tough crowd! From the outset he had our whole attention and delivered impressive insight into marketing, everything was backed up with analysis, thinking and real world examples.
Laura Phelan
Adam's training is so easy to understand with great practical tools and insights as to how to market your individual business. Couldn't recommend enough - 5 stars!
Angela Armstrong
What can I say? As a logical person Adam has restored my faith with engaging creative professionals to get outstanding results!
Ricky Chauhan
It's clear Adam is very knowledgeable about social media and digital marketing. He is articulate and a personable chap who keeps explanations simple so everyone in the room can understand the subject.
Chris Bianca
Adam is incredibly knowledgeable, made everybody feel comfortable and not afraid of asking 'silly' questions.